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University student for philosophy and neuroscience. I also have a podcast called Philosophy Over Tea! Feel free to connect with me at

Is there any relationship between morality and religion?

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

All across the world, religions aim to teach their followers morals of some sort. From Islam and Christianity to Zionism and Satanism, every religion uses a point of worship to guide followers to a better life (and afterlife). …

Psychological egoism and why every act of kindness is selfish

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Acts of kindness exist all around us. From the stranger holding the door open for you to the person giving up their seat on the bus for a pregnant woman, kindness is everywhere. But are these people really being kind, or are they truly just selfish?

Maybe that person holding…

Anti-natalism and the argument for why you shouldn’t have been born

Photo by Nyana Stoica on Unsplash

Think of the last day you did not suffer. A day where you felt no hunger or thirst, you didn’t feel too hot or too cold, or when you didn’t feel tired all day. Try to remember a week where you had no itches or allergies or any frustrations at…

How mistakes allow me to explore and improve in ways that I was always terrified of before

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

Throughout most of my life, I had been a star student. Be it academics from science to literature or extracurriculars from debate club to chess and table tennis. I was good at most things I tried almost instantly.

And I received immense praise for it too. When I got straight…

Are these laws markers of a dystopian tyrannical world or reasonable laws and asks

Photo by Mohammad Shahhosseini on Unsplash

Over the past year, we have seen an extremely vocal minority speaking out against masks and vaccine requirements, and this has increased massively in the past week here in Canada with the introduction of vaccine certificates.

These individuals claim that their rights are being violated and that they are taking…

You have no power when it comes to voting on actual policies. The best you can do is hope your representatives will follow through on their promises.

Photo by Arnaud Jaegers on Unsplash

Democracy has been commended time and time again for the freedoms it provides. We have heard all our lives how the best countries are those that are democratic, where people get to vote on what they think is right and move their country in the right direction.

Earlier this month…

Research-backed methods I have started using this past year to maintain a higher GPA without taking any notes

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

When I started university, my grades did not begin well. I dropped from having a 95% average in high school to averages ranging from mid 80s to low 60s (mainly on the low side). …

A combination of late-stage capitalism and failed democracy is sending us into a global humanitarian crisis

Capitalism inherently always protects profits over people. It just is the nature of the system. But this system has gone too far.

Major international corporations are now blatantly disregarding human rights, an issue we…

How our language allowed us to dominate the planet

Photo by Timon Studler on Unsplash

Human language is one of the most distinct ways we differ from non-human animals. It is this myriad of tongues and words that we combine into different orders several hundred times per day to express ourselves.

But it is also one of the biggest mysteries in various sciences.

The origin…

How boredom improves my productivity, creativity, and earnings

Photo by Maxim Ilyahov on Unsplash

Think about the last time you were going up an elevator. It was just for a couple of floors, but you probably pulled your phone out while waiting for them to pass by.

Or try to remember the last time you sat down and did nothing. You didn’t scroll through…

Sahir Dhalla

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