University student studying philosophy & neuroscience. I also have a podcast called Philosophy Over Tea! Feel free to connect with me at


  • Rand Orm

    Rand Orm

  • Faizan Shaikh

    Faizan Shaikh

    Aspiring Entrepreneurs, love read and write about startup, Marketing, Crypto currency, Make Money Online.

  • Kevin Ma

    Kevin Ma

    Mechanical Engineering Undergrad | Sharing my interests in Shell Scripting, Data Science, and Embedded Design.

  • Honor Gleason

    Honor Gleason

    Woman, Mom, wife (3rd times a charm), Educator, Librarian, LGBTQ and equal human rights affirming covenant theology messy realistic Jesus follower

  • Ace Z. Alba

    Ace Z. Alba

    Medium’s #Haiku Man. Also writes ‘bout other stuff. But mostly #haikus.

  • Ana Prescott

    Ana Prescott

    To paraphrase Dègas — Tarot is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment.

  • Aldric Chen

    Aldric Chen

    13x Top Writer (as of December 2021). I am a Consultant, and I run start-ups on top of my 9–6. I think, write to spread ideas that work.

  • Sahir Ashir

    Sahir Ashir

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