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  • Chris Jennings

    Chris Jennings

    I write about the intersection of technology, productivity, and mindfulness. See more of my work at iterate.substack.com

  • Dr. Nandrolone, Ph.D.

    Dr. Nandrolone, Ph.D.

    Neuroscientist, Podcaster and Productivity coach. I write about neuroscience hacks and tips to improve work and life. https://nandumuley.medium.com/membership

  • Lisa Daum

    Lisa Daum

    I love animals, reading, and writing. Also a student of human nature. People are weird, but it makes us interesting. Email me: uncoachable@uncoachable.org

  • Louis Min

    Louis Min

    An adventurous night owl 🦉exploring through code & design 💡

  • Rui Alves

    Rui Alves

    Mindset Coach & Web 3.0 Digital Disruptor. Founder of Beloved and Rock n’Heavy: Exploring ideas that leapfrog ahead: 💡 https://rui-alves.medium.com/membership

  • Justin Cox

    Justin Cox

    I help writers and nonprofits grow. Editor of The Writing Cooperative. Contact at JustinCox.com

  • Mike Sturm

    Mike Sturm

    Creator: https://TheTodaySystem.com — A simpler personal productivity system. Writing about productivity, self-improvement, business, and life.

  • Vic Womersley

    Vic Womersley

    Freelance writer using Medium to explore ideas that interest me. Get in touch: vicwomersley@gmail.com

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